Katie Arthur

Lake Oswego - West

Windermere Realty Group, LLC

3689 Carman Drive, Suite 100

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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Office: (503) 675-8264

Mobile: (503) 320-2014

Fax: (503) 675-8268



Website: http://katiearthur.withwre.com

License Number: Licensed in Oregon

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Just One Thing!

It seems like there's NEVER a good time to sell your house...it can be so OVERWHELMING! That's why I believe you should live in your house today...like you're going to sell tomorrow...because your dream home may be just around the corner! What do I mean by "Just One Thing"? I mean take it one step at a time! That one thing can be...de-cluttering your master bedroom closet...or taking a load of clothing, dishes, toys, etc...to Goodwill or your favorite donation drop-off location. Another one thing...paint your front door, re-grout your bathroom tile, replace that ugly wallpaper that's still in the house from when you bought it! One small project every weekend. ALL these little things add up...and when it's time to sell...YIPPEE! You're ready (plus you've reaped the benefits of enjoying the little things that you've done)!

I'm not #1...or #2 for that Matter!

I'd like to say...that I'm the #1 or even #2 realtor in the market...but I'm not. I really enjoy people and real estate...and that's the key to my happiness and success. If you are looking for a realtor who's looking after your best interests...who is dependable and knowledgeable...I'm your gal. I am also the type of realtor who is in touch with you almost TOO much...I don't like to let things slip through the cracks! We're in this adventure together...so let's enjoy the ride!

On a Personal Note...

*I've been selling real estate for almost 19 years! *I have a son who is a freshman at Linfield College. *I've been married for almost 23 years. *We have moved every 3-5 years since we've been married...and have just passed the 7 year mark for the house we currently live in. *We have a cat named "Beano" and a Puggle with weight issues named "Pugsley"-who have survived every move we've made!